Who's gonna drive you home?

Oily mechanics with discoballs med jättekorvs och potatismos


Ever wanted to take a break from the hectic party setting and go for a relaxed car ride through the night-time city. “Who's gonna drive you home”-interactive installation theatre offers a change to do it.

Full description of the concept

Ever wanted to take a break from the hectic party setting and go for a relaxed car ride through the night-time Helsinki. If answer is yes, then “Who's gonna drive you home”-interactive installation theatre is your thing. No need to be sober, just jump in and enjoy the ride.

The idea is simple, but stupid. Since November, we've been driving around the city and filmed things we've seen from the front window. In the installation, you're going to see what we saw. Actual car is placed to the party zone and decorated. Filmed content is going to be projected to the front window of the car using a thin white layer for projection. People can sit inside, enjoy the nightly view, chat, listen to nice but quiet music and chill-out. Of course, sometimes magical things happen: ride can take you to a grill and you'll have some food or someone might hitchhike for a ride.

We need to build some walls to around the car for keeping it separated from outside world and to keep the zone dark enough for projections and nightly atmosphere. An old-school grill decorations are placed inside the tent. The area needed for our thing is around 3,5 x 6 meters.

That's it, that's our idea. Jump in, enjoy the ride, but beware of the bear!

Budget (maximum):
Decorations for the car = 500 SEK
Wood (2'x2' approx. 50 meters and 1'x4' approx. 50 meters) = 1000 SEK
Fabrics for ceiling and walls = 1500 SEK
Boat trips for the car (Helsinki-Stockholm-Helsinki) = 1800 SEK
Food to be microwaved and served from the Autogrill = 800 SEK
Total = 5600 SEK

About the group/Artist

Just a punch of people with an idea.

How can other burners co-create with you?

- We have a small video projector, but a better one would be very appreciated.
- We would like have some help with building and decoration on Thursday and Friday.
- Idea is to build a live radio and anyone is welcome to host live radio show.

What is this?

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  • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? Yes, for a microwave-oven, laptop, videoprojector, some lights and small speakers. Around 2500 watts is definitely enough.

  • Will there be light? We are going to cover the car and there's light inside (and maybe some minor lights outside), but the light volume is low.

  • Will anything burn? No

  • What is your audio footprint? We are going to play music inside the car and performances outside the car.

  • Next random dream