SHITOPIA at the Divine Dynamis

SHITOPIA at the Divine Dynamis


SHITOPIA - Making your toilet breaks into a magnificent experience!

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*** SHITOPIA ***


Are you tired of always looking at random doodle when you create brown noodles? Come join us at SHITOPIA and get SHIT DONE!

SHITOPIA are looking for people who will adopt one out of 18 toilets in dire need of pimping. You are free to create the toilet of your dreams, alone or with someone else. As this event is co-created, we highly encourage you to pair up and MPGA*

*make pooping great again™


SHITOPIA - Making your toilet breaks into a magnificent experience!


Do YOU have experience in using a toilet? Join us today!

We are applying for art grants!! Would be awesome to have some money to spend on decoration for each toilet. around 300-400 kr / toilet
5400:- (300*18st) Booth decorations (building material, sound, lights, deco)
1000:- Common room decorations (mirrors, tampons, fabrics, lights, hand disinfection, lotions)
1600:- Entrance (sign materials, VIP-entrance)
900:- Power cords, batteries, tools, gaffa
300:- Water Station (sign, water containers)
100:- Recycling
0:- Transportation

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How can other burners co-create with you?

Join us! Adopt a toilet, imagine your craziest dream, let your creativity go nuts and make it a reality

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