Pinata corner

Candy Karen


Pinata corner for kids and adults. Candy lovers dream.

Full description of the concept

Pinata corner

For the one with a sweet tooth, the pinata corner will be a dream come true.

My dream is to create a corner with different types of pinatas. Most of the pinatas will be for the kids and therefore child friendly.

The pinatas for the children will be made out of cardboard, toilet rolls and paper. Instead of using sticks and bats the kids will be able punch a paper/cardboard wall and collect some candy. The second wall will be made out of balloons which contain sweets. The children will have to poke a hole in the balloons to get to the good stuff;).

The pinata for the grownups will be more similar to the traditional pinata. I’m still sketching and trying to figure out the model but I would like the pinata to resible a burning man. This pinata will also contain sweets.

Budget for the dream:

Pinata wall for kids:

cardboard (or someone old moving boxes): 200 kr
Plastic/paper cups: 100 kr
Dekorations and paint: 600 kr
Many toilet rolls: Free but need help collecting from as many people as possible
Gift lace: 100 kr
Balloons: 100 kr

Cardstock: 200 kr
Glue: 100 kr
Newspapers: Free but need help collecting from as many people as possible
Flour: 100 kr
Fine crepe paper: 400 kr
Thick ropes: 100 kr

Candy: 1500 kr

Lights (any type) to light up the pinata corner.

Total: 3500 kr

About the group/Artist

Love colors and sweets.

How can other burners co-create with you?

Help me build the pinata corner. Collect toilet rolls, newspaper and old moving boxes. Find suitable lighting for the corner.

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  •  TBA

  • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? Maybe lights to make the pinata corner visibel during night time.

  • Will there be light? Maybe

  • What is your audio footprint? Ballons popping and people beating a pinata to get some candy, so I guess a lot of joy and laughter.

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