Crazy popcorn circus

Crazy popcorn circus


We want to create a crazy circus atmosphere with popcorn in different flavors. We will have circus themed costumes, a popcorn machine, a cozy seating area with pillows. We want it to be a popcorn tasting experience!

Full description of the concept

Have you ever thought that popcorn is somewhat magical? The way it pops with hot oil and becomes something bigger and different,a fluffy looking crispy little corn miracle? Why not devote to popcorn the crazy, mysterious event it deserves? That's what The Crazy Popcorn Circus is here for. Our aim is to create a crazy circus popcorn tasting space. We want to create a dream-like experience with both atmosphere and creative, unexpected (all vegan and delicious) flavours. We envision a variety of taste guessing games (some for instance blind-folded), where burners will have to guess what the spice or secret ingredient is invading their tastebuds. We are thinking of using a large piece of fabric to hang from the ceiling and create a circus tent-like space with a cozy sitting area inside (pillows,stuffed animals, fabrics) and light bulbs of different colors. And of course, a popcorn machine. We are thinking of Henry Selick's film Coraline circus scenes as inspiration.Other important components of the atmosphere will be our crazy circus costumes and the crazy circus themed music. When it comes to the popcorn, it will be flavored with different spices and unusual combinations (green mango, curry, nutritional yeast, different herbs, onion powder, cinnamon and sugar etc), it will all be vegan and we will make sure to ask if anyone is allergic to something before they start the crazy popcorn tasting. We want to make our crazy popcorn circus dream vision a reality by guiding the burners who want to participate. You Will never see popcorn the same way again.

About the group/Artist

We are a group of friends that want to come together and make a performance.

How can other burners co-create with you?

By participating in the experience.

What is this?

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  •  We don't have any web site/Facebook page.

  • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? Yes we do, but we are not sure how much yet. We need electricity for light bulbs, music and the popcorn machine.

  • Will there be light? Yes, we will have light bulbs in different colors.

  • Will anything burn? No nothing physical will burn.

  • What is your audio footprint? Yes, we will have nightmare circus music, a poping popcorn mashing and people talking. But nothing crazy loud.

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