Emergence of light



We envision a dance floor where individuals are interactive nodes of light, unique yet connected in a larger web that allow for the emergence of a light phenomena greater than the sum of its parts.

- Check the video in the links -

Full description of the concept

To create this light phenomena on the dance floor we want to provide a workshop environment, where as many people as possible can get set up. Here you will be able to sew a micro:bit microcontroller, leds and batteries to your suits. We will provide tools and show you how to program your micro:bit.

A stock program will be provided, but curious burners are welcome to modify this within the scope of the dream.

The accelerometer in the micro:bit will be used to control the brightness of the light when you dance. And whenever you make a powerful movement, you will light up with a vivid colour that will be broadcasted via radio to all nearby micro:bits, creating a shockwave of uniform vivid light throughout the dancefloor.

micro:bits, LEDs and powerbanks will approximately require funding around 250-300SEK per kit, depending on the amount of LEDs and if we use rechargeable powerbanks or regular batteries.

About the group/Artist

Three Interaction Designers / micro:bit workshop facilitators / Makers

How can other burners co-create with you?

We would be very happy if there is any cosy venue that would like to host our workshop. If someone would be able to set up and maintain a fair system for people to join the workshop in case the demand is higher than the amount of kits we can provide, that would be great too.

What is this?

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  •  https://vimeo.com/259475776

  • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? Not much, just for charging a few laptops.

  • Will there be light? Yes, but the majority of the lights will walk away from the workshop

  • Will anything burn? Nope

  • What is your audio footprint? Nope

  • Next random dream