A story-telling space with Klee

Emin Durak


This space is for a storytelling culture; live and analogous with real participants. To make this more engaging, visually and aurally resonant and stimulating; Paul Klee will accompany with his artworks, and sounds of the storyteller will be live-sampled.

Full description of the concept

This space will be built with an intention to promote a storytelling culture, live and made real, analogously with real participants. To make this more engaging, visually resonant and stimulating; there will be quite a few of Paul Klee's art works surrounding the inner space. Besides, the constant reiterations of sounds, that are manipulated samples of the live-recorded storyteller, will be processed and generated in space via a surround system that are located around within the space, besides a participatory library created.

As mentioned before, the intention with this dream project is to propose a cultural gathering in which participants are not necessarily provided with any existing socio-cultural codes of communication, but rather they are encouraged to simultaneously create and transform one made autonomously by them in the real space. It is often hard to make happen such thing without any resources initially provided. Therefore we will build a little library in the space with some selected books that people can read to each other and yet share: lend/borrow. Printed sample art works of Paul Klee will also be in the space to provide with a different exhibition experience; that which is not cold, institutional and boring; but is warm, engaging, interactive and non-definitive.

Another important part of this dream is the sonic experience: there will be microphones located in space connected to a computer and sound card, which will live sample the inputs from the microphone (i.e. storytellers), and then simultaneously speak out the weird, unanticipated sounds in the space via a surround speaker system installed around.

So, we will provide a totally different library, and a sound/painting exhibition experience; for an ultimate purpose to recreate gatherings that are meant to create and transform a culture beyond any conformity.

Paul Klee's works: http://www.artinthepicture.com/artists/Paul_Klee/
Some books will be brought: Arabian Nights, Invisible Cities, Thus spake Zarathustra, The KLF: Chaos, Magic and the Band who Burned a Million Pounds

How can other burners co-create with you?

Oh yeah! There'll be loads of practical stuff to do. Such as:

First of all, we need books for the library! Please bring some books! Others can request to borrow the books from you as well. You get to accept or deny, and if accepted you chat. The thing happens here (disclaimer! - I built this app) : https://app.pomegra.org

If you wanna get more involved, you're very welcome. Stuff to do are basically here:
- Printing the Paul Klee paintings
- Installation of the space: building the walls, bookshelves and installing the speakers and microphones
- Bringing some favorite books
- Driving the surround system from my place to the venue, and driving back.
- Cataloging the books
- Uninstalling everything
- Helping me write the software to run the interactive sound parts: I've done it a lot before but it needs a lot of modifications and calibration for every specific place. So I need people to just hang out with me for some hours and try out together give me feedback

So any help regarding these will be greatly appreciated.

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  • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? Yes. Around 250W

  • Will there be light? yes. I don't know, some cosy lights from a second hand store I guess :)

  • Will anything burn? If we build the space out of wood, yes, but just at the end; not as a part of the experience.

  • What is your audio footprint? There'll be some audio but not like with loudspeakers...

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