Soul Soothing Tupi

The Love Tribe


Welcoming the Burners with a Tupi for meeting and greeting your unique soul. A soulcraft journey guided by mantras, music, breathing and soul travels. This is just a few of the soul explorations event that will occur in the Soul Soothing sessions.

Full description of the concept

The Soul soothing Tupi is a waterhole for curious souls. An including environment that will have a variation of value-driven and soul crafting activities.

Having a ceremony on the opening day for all Burners and finishing the Urbanburn whit a closing ceremony. The Dream/Vision is to have organized activities, like cacao ceremonies. Sounds journeys, dancing, mantra singing. The Tupi will between the activities also act as a free place for Burner to rest and recover their energy.

About the group/Artist

The Love Tribe is a Tribe with close friends that love to get together, sing, hug and sharing side by side this journey of being human. We have a longing to include all people in a caring and flourishing environment.

How can other burners co-create with you?

We warmly invite people to co-create, if you want to facilitate an own experience or just want to contribute with your awareness. Just jump into the Facebook group and be you!

What is this?

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