The Acid Hamam

The Acid Hamam Tent


This psychedelic dream is a intimate music stage inside a small tent. DJs from around the globe will perform hypnotic, dreamy chilled out multi-cultural beats. If you want a spot in the tent, hit me up!

Full description of the concept

The Acid Hamam is a magic party-tent (6 x 3 Meters) with DJs and live performances inside.
A small, psychedelic and very folklore-ish enviroment, where you just hang out to cuddle and/or dance with friends and strangers.
A beautiful lineup of international and renowned DJs from other burner parties around the globe will bring us beautiful, hypnotic and ethic slow-grooves.


Richard Rossa (Tom Tom Disco/ Acid Hamam)
Fabian Tanz (Tanz Oaze)
Leonor (Mexico / Tom Tom Disco)
Tat Rut
More TBA..

How can other burners co-create with you?

Decorate the inside of the tent, helping out with the setup and sounds, etc.
We also need a driver for the equipment.

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