Would you like a balloon Georgie?

Kajsa Granström and Anna-Lisa Baird Skoog with friends


All little monsters like popcorn, don't they?
We will be gifting popcorn to the brave ones that dare to come neer..

Full description of the concept

Well, we got the opportunity to borrow a popcorn machine. Yeay :D So this is an opportunity we can not miss, cause who doesn´t love popcorn!!!
So we want to gift delicious popcorn, BUT then we are also childishly fond of horror movies, so we will do it with a little twist of horror circus.

About the group/Artist

A bunch of old and new friends that like horror movies and loves popcorn

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Be brave and eat some popcorn

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  • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? Yes, electricity for the popcorn machine and maybe some added lights. But we have no idea on how many Watt

  • Will there be light? I guess the popcorn machine have some built in light. But we might also ad some extra for the mood

  • Will anything burn? Only pop

  • What is your audio footprint? Pop pop, pop pop pop pop, pop pop pop pop pop and maybe a speaker with some music for added feeling

  • Next random dream