Oh Maybe.... Cuddle Bordello

bob Speakman et al


A cuddle bordello is coming to Urban Burn
coalesce, combine, come together, fondle,fuse, hook up, meld, merge, mingle, tied down, tied up, kärlek
a sensual opium den of velvet, opulence and desire.

Full description of the concept

A cuddle puddle with an intention of sensuality.
A cuddle puddle with an intention of being present in touch.
A cuddle puddle with space for Tantric Workshops
A cuddle puddle with intimacy.
A feeling of desire,
A feeling of hedonism, of opulence, extravagance.

We want to create a multi-layered cuddle puddle, (multi-layered to add texture to the scene), using wooden flooring, mattress, red velvet, charity scoured antiques, blankets and more. We are going for a feeling of an opium den, for an air of mystery.
From a lot of members that created the Foxhole, and An Afterlife.

Art Grant Seeking
Foam Bedding

How can other burners co-create with you?

there is a post of the Urban Burn page, We are looking for more members, Contact me :)

What is this?

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  • Will there be light? signs, chandeliers, wall sconces.

  • What is your audio footprint? we might bring a small system to facilitate workshops. We also hope to co-create with the jam tent and hope to have them inspire our workshops with music, asking for a certain mood.

  • Next random dream