Platonic Love

Johannes Falk and Oden Lobell


Big friendly glowing geometric shapes that shift colors and patterns. These are the Platonic Solids, goemetrically perfect and very soothing to look at.. Some of the bigger ones you can even crawl inside and sit in. As seen at Borderland 2017.

Full description of the concept

Platonic Love consists of, in it's biggest form, 5 geometric sculptures shaped like the Platonic Solids. For Urban Burn we we want to build 2 or 3 of them. The outside of them is clad in LED strips so that they can glow, pulse and shift colors. The are quite spectacular in and of themselves. We are still figuring out excatly where to fit them into the whole. Maybe they can stand on the floor and be inviting to crawl into. Or maybe we will hang them from the ceiling over the dancefloor. Regardless they will bless all onfused minds with a soothing infusion of beautiful geometric perfection.

About the group/Artist

The main drive behind this is Johannes Falk with a faschination for construction and geomentry, and Oden Lobell who is the master of LED's and microcomputers.

What is this?

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  • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? 250 W

  • Will there be light? This is a light sculpture so yes. It's not terribly bright but it will light up the room close to the installation.

  • Will anything burn? Nope

  • What is your audio footprint? No sound footpprint

  • Next random dream