Sound for the dancers

Johannes Falk


I want to make sure that the big dancefloor has some kick ass sound for dancing and performances.

Full description of the concept

My dream is for the big dancefloor at urban burn to have some kick ass sound, and a nice accoustic experience for dancers and performers alike. This will be done with a mix of rented equipment and some of my own stuff. I will plan the setup, handle the contact with the suppliers, set up and configure the system and be present for especially demanding live performances. The DJ's will mostly have to manage themselves, but I'm always available to help if there's any issues. Urban burn has the best dancefloor in town in my opinion, and we're gonna make sure it is a deligth for ears and eyes.

About the group/Artist

I am a professional sound engineer working in with live entertainment. I have good contact with several suppliers of equipment in stockholm and will be able to get us a avery favourable deal.

How can other burners co-create with you?

If there are burners with experience of live sound that would be awesome, especially people who are familliar with dj gear, synthesizers and studio equipment. During the burn the most common need will be DJ's who need help connecting their equiopment.

What is this?

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  • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? This is a dynamic load so it will vary greatly, but could aproach 8kw at peaks. It would be wise to set aside one 16A3 for the dancefloor sound.

  • Will there be light? Not as of yet.

  • Will anything burn? I sure hope not. If sound system is on fire, sound system has big problem.

  • What is your audio footprint? This will be LOUD! When this sound is pumping at a decent volume, there will be little chance to have any other music in the loud room. But it won't be puming around the clock.

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