Self-serving Massage

Isak Starlander


Wouldn't it be amazing with a co-creative sensation space? An area where you can play with each other's physical senses, or with your own. I imagine soft ground with lots of consumables to use during the massage: oils, wax, tiger balm, ice, whips, etc.

Full description of the concept

I want a dedicated space where you can lie down and give each other a back rub, or any other form of rub, and use props such as oils, melted wax, ice or tiger balm to heighten the experience. I hope it will give many participants an enjoyable and memorable experience, one they get to share with others in an exchange of physical sensations.

About the group/Artist

I enjoy sensation play and wish for others to have a space to experience more of that themselves. It is my first time at UB Stockholm, but I have participated at the fantastic Borderland, Burning Man, and also last year's UB in Helsingborg.

How can other burners co-create with you?

Share any ideas you can imagine! And please help me out with the set up!

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  • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? It would be lovely to have electricity for decorative lighting. It should not require any extraordinary amount of watts, what you would get from an ordinary power outlet.

  • Will there be light? I would like to have a colourful decorative lighting that creates a warm and jummy atmosphere

  • Will anything burn? Potentially some wax candles, if that would be possible?

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